Whether this is your first home, or you’re trading up to a larger one, we can help.  We love helping our clients get the home of their dreams.  Our goal is to make your home buying decision well-informed and customized fit to your financial goals. full lace wigs uk

Start Right
Once you decide to buy a home there are many decisions to be made.  There is one approach that will make the biggest difference in fulfilling your dream.  Start by making certain that the money will be available when you need it.  With that peace of mind you can make a positive buying decision.

Start with a Plan
Most homebuyers apply for financing after the fact.  You should start by arranging your financing first, before you ever meet with a Realtor or homebuilder.  Knowing your financing options in advance, eliminates anxiety and puts you in the strongest position to find the right home at the right price.  If you wait, you may limit your financing options unnecessarily.

Commitment vs Pre-Approval
A Pre-Approval is no more than someone’s opinion.  Don't be fooled.  You either have a loan Commitment or you don’t.  Discover the financing options that will allow you to be comfortable with your purchase decision and your monthly payments.  The Commitment means you have a full underwriting decision except for the appraisal, title report and purchase contract.

Stop Renting
Dreaming about your first home?  Start with a real plan by contacting us.  We’ll help you to prepare and remove the uncertainty from your decision.  Designing a program to match your specific needs is our specialty.

Don’t Worry
There are many alternatives to the traditional mortgage.  These alternatives have created an opportunity for many people who don’t meet the criteria for a traditional loan. We can help even if you have:

  • Credit issues
  • No money for a down payment
  • The inability to verify income

Some of the available programs:

  • Stated Income
  • 100% Financing
  • Bad Credit
  • No Job
  • No Income or Asset Documentation
  • Differed Interest
  • Interest only
  • Private Investor Loans

Thinking of Refinancing?
Would it make sense for you to refinance your home loan now?  You may save money by reducing your interest rate or by changing the term of your mortgage.  The Garber Team offers refinance programs that provide you with choices that tailor your home loan to meet your individual needs. 

Our consultative approach allows you to determine whether you would benefit from refinancing your current loan.  You may lower your monthly payments or access the equity in your home to receive cash in order to:
  • Consolidate bills into one manageable payment
  • Get back on track and rebuild credit
  • Pay for taxes, home additions, or college tuition

You may even be able to refinance at No Cost 
The old rule of thumb, that you should decrease your rate by 2% no longer applies.  With the introduction No Cost refinancing, you may benefit with as little as a 1/2% decrease in rate.

Second Mortgages – another refinance option
Would you like to free up more cash every month with the potential of turning high interest credit card debt into tax deductible mortgage interest?  A second mortgage can be a smart option for consolidating and paying off your high-interest debts.

Choose a Home Equity Loan, which provides a lump sum of cash, or a Home Equity Line of Credit, that allows you to write checks against the equity in your home.  Either approach can be tailored to fit your personal financial needs. Second Mortgages can reduce your stress.

When you reduce high-interest debt, you may:

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Pay off debt in less time
  • Consolidate debts into one low monthly payment
  • Improve your credit score

Schedule a consultation to discover if one of these loans is right for you.



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