Exceptional customer service isn’t just a buzzword with us.  It’s our top priority, and the standard by which we measure our success. 

To ensure that we maintain that standard, Alan is a member of the Master’s Coach Program, the industry’s leading think tank.  In collaboration with some of the nation’s most respected and experienced professionals, we have developed systems to predictably deliver on our promise.  

If you share our commitment to providing your clients with superior service, contact us to learn the benefits of partnering with the Garber Team.

As your client’s most trusted financial advisor, they rely upon you for their financial well being.

As their largest single investment, homeowners typically spend 25% to 50% of their income on their mortgage while setting aside only a fraction of that toward their retirement.

The Garber Team is one of the few lenders to provide an in-depth borrower consultation before a loan is approved.  Whether your clients are in the market for a new home or simply want to consolidate debt, it’s important to assess their situation in order to properly meet their needs.  Your advice can be crucial in helping your clients choose the best mortgage and a lender they can trust.

Home loans are our only business so we focus all of our energy on providing that service.  Large financial institutions, on the other hand, are eager to sell as many financial services as possible.  Call to schedule an appointment to see how your clients would benefit from making the Garber Team an extension of your professional services.

There are times when you have to turn away a loan applicant. Future business with that customer may be jeopardized. Why risk losing a good customer? Consider the Garber Team for your most challenging mortgage loan applicants.

By working with us, you can offer your customers a solution by providing additional loan programs that meet their needs.  Since we are not a bank, we don’t compete with you for the applicant’s other banking services.
  • Superior client care
  • Timely communication throughout the transaction
  • Attention to detail
  • A lender you can recommend with confidence
  • On-time closings
  • No ugly, last-minute surprises
  • Professional seminars that support your business
  • Mastermind Groups to share ideas with your colleagues
  • Ongoing client care

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The Garber Team
17 E Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Ste 110
Larkspur, CA 94939

Phone: 415.925.5225
Fax: 415.925.5244
Email: info@thegarberteam.com

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